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Only Fools And 3 Courses Dinning Invitation The Sequel – Friendly Party Atmosphere

Comedy Dining are pleased to bring you the sequel to Only Fools and 3 Courses a completely different dining experience.

DCI Roy Slater will be putting in an appearance, and we all know what Del thinks of him!

Cassandra and Rodney take a trip down memory Lane (Rodney as a Gladiator?)

All your favourite characters will be on hand to make sure you have an evening you will never forget, Del, Rodney, Boycie, Trigger, Uncle Albert, Raquel and Cassandra, this will exercise chuckle muscles you did not know you had.

All this and a Three Course Meal.


FAWLTY TOWERS DINING INVITATION – Guarantees Classic Comedy Fun!

Enjoy a three course meal served by Basil, Sybil & Manuel! With extra large portions of fun and lots of comedy sketches.

Basil, Sybil and Manuel, meet and greet their guests and serve them a hilarious 3–course dinner with comedy sketches performed throughout the meal.

A healthy portion of CHAOS AND MAYHEM is thrown in for good measure whilst the legends of hotel catering management do everything they can to keep the evening on course, of course!

Expect a BIG FUN NIGHT OUT in a friendly party atmosphere with some of the finest comedy actors in the land.

PROFESSIONALLY PRODUCED to the highest standards and with your enjoyment always top of the menu.

A FAULTLESS show that guarantees to reach the chuckle muscles you never knew you had!

The Addams Family Dining Invitation – Creepy Comedy Fun!

Morticia, Gomez, Uncle Fester and LURCH, meat and eat, meet and greet the guests to their home, were nothing is as it seems, be ready to start clicking your fingers

They’re Creepy and They’re Cooky
Mysterious and Spooky
They’re Altogether Ooky
The Addams Family.

You will be served a sumptuous three course meal whilst four of the best comedy actors in the land of the living entertain you.

Your Chuckle muscles will be exercised tonight.

Addams Family Dinner Invitation

The Wedding Breakfast Dining Invitation- Come and Join in the fun, Wedding of the Year.

This will be the Wedding of all Weddings and you are all invited as Guests. The Bride and Groom’s special day cannot go more wrong, the Grooms Ex- Girlfriend will not leave him alone, the Best Man has had a few too many and the Bride’s Father has been up to his old tricks, to name but a few things! All this is happening whilst you are enjoying a fantastic Three Course Meal, this will exercise Chuckle Muscles you never knew you had. The Cabaret at the conclusion will have you dancing on the tables. Interactive Dining at its very Best.

‘Allo ‘Allo Dining Invitation

Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once...

Pop along to this ‘umble cafe for a night to remember as Rene juggles the Gestapo, the Resistance, his secret affairs and his wife, Edith.

A hilarious comedy dinner show not to be missed.

Book now or you vill be shot!

Allo Allo Dining Invitation

The Fabulous? Absolutely! Dining Invitation – Comedy Mayhem Guaranteed!

AN Absolutely Fabulous evening begins with the three girls in the bar, where they appear to be drinking more than the guests.

Three of the best comedy actors in the land cause chaos and mayhem the like of which you would not believe, one of the most comical evenings you will ever attend, whilst the waiters try and serve you a sumptuous three course meal.

You will be Absolutely amazed at the antics.

Any one for Champagne?

The Fabab! 'Allo 'Allo & Black Adder Invitation

Dick Whittington’s Dinner Invite

Dick Whittington's Pussy has gone missing, which is causing him some distress.

He's come to London to search for his soulmate - but the fact he's dressed like the Principal Boy from a panto, complete with skirt and long boots, leads to a few misunderstandings among the locals.

Featuring characters from the classic story - Sarah the Cook, Idle Jack, King Rat, Alice, idle Jack and more - this not-for-children re telling of adventures is a must for your Christmas outing (oh yes it is...)"

Dick Whittington’s Dinner Invite

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